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Business Process Automation Software

Intuitive. Extensible. Embeddable.  

Enterprise Workflow Automation and Forms that Just Work. 

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Our BPM Workflow Tool is the most Intuitive BPM Workflow Rules Engine Platform Available – but we can talk technically, too!

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FlowWright can be deployed as a cloud solution or deployed in an on-premise or .NET hosted environment (including AWS and Azure). It was built in .NET Foundation C# code and all tools are fully browser-based, requiring no plug-ins. FlowWright user interfaces, including forms and dashboards, are HTML 5. Forms can be built in a number of layouts including fully responsive (i.e.,Bootstrap.) Users can easily access tasks, forms and dashboards on mobile devices, tablets, and through any web browser.

FlowWright's Business Process Workflow Solutions features, functions and user interface elements can be used and extended using our .NET APIs. Flows, rules and reports can be accessed using web service APIs in addition to user interfaces that are built within or outside of FlowWright. Data can be stored and retrieved from any relational database or NOSQL database. Events can be consumed and produced across common message servers (Rabbit, MSMQ, MQSeries, etc) as well as across FlowWright’s native publish/subscribe message bus and WebHooks.

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Companies need workflow, forms, compliance, and automation routing support. Our low-code options make creating + editing workflows simple.
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Our best-in-class  forms capabilities, make it possible to rapidly build forms, forms logic, and workflows for forms-driven workflow processes.
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Companies have many existing systems in place that need to work with each other.  Our business process integrations across systems are loosely-coupled + intelligently integrated.
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When you use FlowWright to automate your business, you gain access to standard metrics and metrics that you define.  BPM analytics are a key part of any BPM workflow management software solution.
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 Our Business Process Automated Workflow Software At a Glance

With graphical representation of executing workflows, business intelligence metrics and a  user-friendly dashboards, FlowWright keeps critical business process information right at your fingertips, on any device, access from anywhere.  Build faster, and automate smarter with our workflow, analytics, reports, forms, and seamless integration to your existing internal and external systems.

FlowWright's BPM Workflow Software makes it possible to deliver mission-critical, integrated workflow process automation at scale and quickly roll out lightweight departmental automated workflows across the organization.

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Why Choose Our BPM Workflow Management Software?

Best BPM Service

Our team of experts wants to help you, how YOU want to be helped.  Get your team(s) and project(s) up and running in days, not months! We want to make you successful with workflow automation! 


Fast BPM Turnaround

We help you accomplish your goals quickly with the tools you need. Start earning returns on your investment immediately with our advanced workflow management software solution. 


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FlowWright's low-code, no-code workflow, forms, widgets, ESB and business objects make integration easy!  One environment to design, test, execute and optimize your process automation solution


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