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Automate Processes with FlowWright Workflow

Power Your Process

You already have a business! You have:

  • Disconnected manual operations
  • Documentation that describe organized manual steps
  • Computerized systems that perform specific complex operations

And now you want tie them together to:

  • Integrate your processes
  • Run processes around the globe
  • Eliminate steps
  • Increase transparency
  • Speed operations
  • Verify execution and continuously improve
  • Orchestrate processes across systems
  • Become efficient, do more with less stress on development teams

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How Does FlowWright Workflow Integrate With Your Existing Systems?

bring your business process together

Upon defining your processes, your forms workflow, your integration points, and the metrics you want to track, FlowWright integrates with your business and systems in three (3) simple steps.  Call us or send us a note and let's spend a little time talking about how your business will benefit from workflow process automation.  Today, businesses depend on automated processes to scale and become efficient in what the do.

You know how your business works - use FlowWright to make it work better & efficient!

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Workflow Concepts Within FlowWright

FlowWright combines the design with the execution, what you see is what you execute - WYSWYE.  From a workflow management perspective, FlowWright separates the design from the execution into workflow definitions and workflow instances.  This clear separation between the definitions and instances gives the flexibility to perform many complex operations. 

Workflow Definitions hold the design of your process, your digital process will resemble the manual process in many ways.  As you start to optimize the digital process with robotic actions, the process will start to transform from the manual process to more efficient digital process.  Once the workflow definition is designed using the HTML5 graphical workflow designer, any # of workflow  workflow instances can be instantiated based on the workflow definition. 

Workflow Instances will have a 1:1 design based on the workflow definition, once execution start, the workflow instance will contain run-time information from the process execution.  A single workflow definition can have many # of workflow instances at any give point.  As more execution data is collected, workflow instance will grow.  FlowWright tracks execution data to the small level, so that Business Intelligence and Analytics is able to provide detail levels of dill downs of workflow execution data.

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