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Check out our article in Forbes: New Options for ERP Cutover Project Management

When there is real return on investment (ROI) associated with hitting schedules and milestones, managing complex projects can be risky and stressful for companies. Examples of such projects are enterprise resource planning (ERP) like SAP or Oracles EBS and planned plant shutdowns and startups. To get projects like these under control, managers need to prioritize planning and address:

FlowWright's HTML5 Workflow Designer Improvements

FlowWright's workflow designer has gone through many phases of improvement over the years.  Our customers are always hungry for new functionality and improvements, and we are glad to provide them with each new version/revision of our software.

Define Your Sales Process with Workflow

The sales team landscape has changed over the last 30 years. We have moved to open concept office lay-outs, virtual staff, and into integrating technology into the sales process.  We have given reps and managers more & more tools all with the expectation that these investments will yield more business. One thing that isn't addressed readily by any solution is ensuring THE ACTUAL SALES PROCESS is followed reliably and efficiently. We share why defining your sales process, and making it repeatable and efficient for every sales team will yield higher revenue. 

v9.4.1 FlowWright Product Release Highlights

We are excited to release v9.4.1 of our BPM/BPA workflow technology, Many new enhancements and fixes to v9.4 are included within this update.  First, thanks to our customers for pushing the product to the next level, allowing us to add features that will help our current and future customers with their business needs. 

GDPR is now in effect, use workflow to ensure compliance going forward

Under European Union regulations that went into effect May 25, 2018, businesses need to implement a variety of controls and monitoring of data privacy, and they need to implement a way to do things like: 1) provide customers with an easy way to see what information they have about them, 2) provide a way to correct that information, and 3) provide a way to delete that data (sometimes known as the “right to be forgotten”). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make the EU’s already-strong personal privacy protections even stronger. It’s a detailed set of rules, and businesses failing to follow them can be subject to huge fines and penalties. 

How to Video: FlowWright + Building your sales process using default CRM steps

Building out your sales process using our FlowWright's SaaS application is easy with our drag and drop designer.  

How to Video: FlowWright + CRM Sales Process Automation Building a Process with Default values

Using our FlowWright Sales Process Automation application sales teams are able to easily ensure that every rep is following a designated sales process.

How to Video: FlowWright + CRM Sales Process Automation Step by Step Tutorial.

Using our FlowWright Sales Process Automation application sales teams are able to easily ensure that every rep is following a designated sales process.

How to Automate your Sales Process within your CRM to Increase Revenue

You have a sales process in place (see generic sales process example below) 

VIDEO: How to Navigate the Workflow Designer

Navigating the  workflow designer is easy within FlowWright. Follow this video tour and start seeing the power of workflow in your processes!