Getting Started with FlowWright Sales Process Automation: How To Get Set-up 

Registering your team is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these steps to get your team set up with the FlowWright Sales Process Automation tool. 

Most Sales Productivity + Enablement Initiatives Fail - 1 Thing Makes the Difference

Sales productivity is a huge area of focus for businesses selling services and technologies.  The problem is the 8% of sales reps account for nearly all the revenue and companies want following good processes to make the other 92% of sales reps effective, too.  But 56% of sale enablement initiatives fail outright, with the rest falling short of goals.

What's coming in FlowWright v9.4!

Our engineering team has been busy building v9.4 of FlowWright. As we listen and follow customer focus development, we are building what our customers want. FlowWright's v9.4 focuses on 3 key areas:


At the end of each year, we all look back and look forward simultaneously: where are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?! Many of us are in such a slog all year long, that this seasonal reflection is welcome. Re-assessing what we do, why we do it, how well we do it, and how we can do it better…that is the basis for continuous improvement!

Workflow definition design validation in FlowWright BPM

FlowWright performs design validation at many levels within the workflow designer. First performed when a properties of a step is saved. At this point the step will validate the following:

Tracking Custom Inputs and Properties for Tasks within FlowWright Automation Software

FlowWright provides 2 main task steps "Task" and "Choice Task"

v9.3.0.2 Powerful Document Generation

FlowWright now provides a very powerful document generation step that's built based on Aspose technology. You are now able to generate simple to complex documents using this new step within FlowWright; its very easy to configure and use. Here are the steps:

Why BPA/BPM Represents the Future of Business Innovation

There is real fear that as technology advances, workers won't be as important. Automation continues to improve safety and productivity in industries such as manufacturing, which has led to a profound shift in the American economy. However, because machines and software are capable of doing a lot of the heavy lifting, workers have actually become a more valuable commodity because they offer something that machines simply can't: creativity and the ability to innovate. Business process automation (BPA/BPM) is the future of innovation because it  provides the structure for applying innovation and continuous improvement ideas and moves them into practice. 

v9.3.0.2 FlowWright Workflow Definition Security Permissions

With older versions of FlowWright/cDevWorkflow, Administrative users had access to all Workflow Definitions created by all users. Regular users only had access to their Workflow Definitions only through the Configuration Manager user interface. 

v9.3.0.2  FlowWright UI | Control What Menus Users View

FlowWright Configuration Managers user interface changes based on the type of user (Admin or regular user). Admin have access to everything, regular users only have access to Workflow Management, not the full Configuration settings. With this feature now you can control the Workflow Management menus for regular users.

In FlowWright, navigate to the settings menu and select "UI Control".