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Process Automation Will Keep Your Customers Happy

True Story: My wife gets a new vehicle. Two (2) weeks later, someone hits the new vehicle from behind. The car is a wreck. Accidents happen, that's life.  The dealership says the process is: bring the vehicle to the dealer's body shop for repair, wait, then it'll be ready.  When the vehicle was dropped at the body shop, they said, they will order the parts, fix the vehicle and it will be done and returned to us in one and  a half (1.5) weeks.

Executing a Successful Cutover Migration Project

Recently one of our customer, Post Cereal, successfully executed their JD Edwards cut-over, migration using FlowWright.  Before Post, we had the largest manufacturer of OEM auto parts successfully execute cut-over projects using FlowWright. 

Code Less and Use WYSIWYG UIs More

There's no platform that offers an entirely "no code" solution (if someone does offer, I would be very careful).  Even though "no code" is possible, low code is more realistic.  FlowWright is built with "low code" in mind and thus certain parts of most can be reused within your application.  Here's how its done:

The Power of Workflow Tasks...

The largest automotive OEM parts supplier in the world has to perform an upgrade on their SAP system that runs the whole company.  This project entails every facility, department, and vendors that rely on product to be shipped to retailers around the globe. The stake are extremely high and there is huge risk involved. So, how does workflow play a part? At the onset the company has to do the following:

At What Point Does A Manual Process Fail For A Business?

Manual processes exist in all organizations, and most manual processes ultimately fail, but the question is WHEN?  Below we summarize the main reasons why manual processes fail, and how you can make a plan ahead of time to compensate and keep the business moving...

Routing based on decisions

FlowWright workflows use the same paths as hardware or action based process, where the digital processes has a data flow path and a control flow path.  Data flow path carries all data within the process, or data required for the process to make decisions, and control flow path makes the decision.


Continuous Process Improvement in the Digital World

Today, as most manual processes get automated using a workflow or business process automation tool, the key to success is to have efficient processes.  As part of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, a continuous monitoring and process improvement is required.  This is the most effective way you will get the kinks out of your processes and optimize to better perform overall. 

Workflow Process Distribution-Why It Matters

Today, FlowWright's workflow process platform automates processes in various domains and across multiple systems.  In order to perform at the expected speed across systems, FlowWright uses loosely coupled and intelligently integrated methods to achieve this.


How to Measure Process Performance With FlowWright

In most businesses, how processes perform is directly tied to the bottom line, down to how the steps within the workflow process matters.  Certain FlowWright customers process very large numbers of workflow instances per day; with large numbers like that running, performance is important.  In the case of processing drug prescriptions, 500,000+ workflow instances per day, that requires a very tight planning and execution. 

How Workflow Automation Improves Department Interaction + Business Tasks

The best thing you can do for your business is to consistently improve. Improve your product, improve your sales and marketing strategy, and improve your process workflow. By improving your workflow companies free up time, money, and other resources that can now be used to focus on advancing alternate parts of your business. Faster, easier workflow means lower costs, quicker pace, and a less-stressed team. All of that adds up to higher efficiency on the back end of your business. Below you will find a summary of areas that are going to be improved with workflow.