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FlowWright Training

FlowWright offers various training options to suit our customers needs.  We want you to be successful right from the beginning with FlowWright and are here to help.   All packages, except the starter, pricing packages include training for our new customers.  Training is required by all customers, including customers who purchase the starter package.

FlowWright training typically lasts 4 days, but can be customized to fit customer's needs.  The training agenda for the sessions are as follows:

FlowWright Training Day 1

Training Day 1:  The first day of training includes introductions to Workflow/Business process automation and to FlowWright.  Also installation and configuration of FlowWright, including requirements and configuration scenarios such as distributed processing.  The rest of the day is spent going through every feature of FlowWright in detail.   

FlowWright Training Day 2

Training Day 2:  The second day continues with any leftover features from the FlowWright the team wants to walk through.  We then move on to the different software engines that are used within FlowWright, including how they are configured and controlled.  Next it's an overview of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB); understanding the ESB and how it processes events. We conclude with a session on integration using ESB, architecture and how to extend FlowWright with custom items.

FlowWright Training Day 3

Training Day 3:  Training session on day 3 is where the developers get to get their hands on the product.  It's a full hands on session on how to extend FlowWright within customer items such as steps, data types, business objects, event handlers and etc.  The entire day is dedicated to building custom items, configuring and executing workflow processes.  Developers will get a good understanding of how to use the FlowWright .Net API.

FlowWright Training Day 4

Training Day 4: We conclude with FlowWright Forms and Form UI widgets; then moves onto dashboard widgets and business intelligence.  The latter session focuses on QA testing, help materials, support options, what kinds of solutions/processes other FlowWright customers are building to inspire ways to benefit from the tool.  We finish off with an overview of the product road map and integration scenarios as necessary. 

As you can see from the above agenda outline, we pack a lot of training in 4 short days, but in that timeframe we are able to provide a strong overview of the product to our new customers, and get them set-up and started on their project needs.  On top of providing the training, our team at FlowWright provides many online support materials that will help you get started quickly. Here are a few of the most popular resources: 

The above are plenty of resources to get you going. Looking for other types training?  We also provide training options and consulting on:

  • Process training
  • Integration training
  • API training

If you like to lean more about our training options or consulting, please contact our sales department.  

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