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About FlowWright

FlowWright: What We are All About

Helping!  Our goal is to help you run your business and solutions the way you want them to run - reliably, efficiently, and in control.  We aim to improve the quality of your life and your business.   We see your success as our success.  


Our company and expertise spring from two branches for experience:

  1. Many years of automating manufacturing processes - integrating complex and varied computerized systems and manual processes into reliable, automated processes that consistently produce quality products and documentation for life sciences, semi-conductor, petrochemical, automotive and other industries

  2. A decade of experience building commercial solutions for document management, ERP, MES, training, supply chain, human resources and more.

Let us help you with intuitive, comprehensive BPM/Workflow developed out of that experience!

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What Can You Expect From Working with FlowWright?

No BPM company we know of will work harder to make sure you receive value from our solutions.  Our team will:

  • Listen to your goals and challenges
  • Work with you to understand how FlowWright can help
  • Consult and Architect your solution as needed
  • Ensure that your goals are met to the best of our abilities
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