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The FlowWright Story

FlowWright: Who We Are

Our goal is to help you run your business and solutions the way you want them to run - reliably, efficiently, and in control.  We improve the quality of work-life and business efforts through a number of tools that will define your Business Process Management strategy. Global companies have relied on our solution to save money, reduce risk, and grow revenue. 

Experience Matters. We are in the business of supplying companies around the world with the right tools to offer an amazing experience to your clients. We are all going through a digital transformation that requires review of manual and paper processes. What can, or rather should be automated? We help you sort that out. Our development team was so unimpressed with the workflow tools on the market 10 years ago that we built our own platform to offer our clients the same experience we wanted in a workflow product. Now, companies of all sizes around the globe share our vision, and the rest is history! 


Our company and expertise spring from two branches for experience:

  1. Over a decade of automating manufacturing processes - integrating complex and varied computerized systems and manual processes into reliable, automated workflow processes that consistently produce quality products and documentation for life sciences, semi-conductor, petrochemical, automotive and other industries

  2. Over two decades of experience building Enterprise solutions for verticals such as document management, ERP, MES, training, supply chain, human resources, financial, public sector, legal and more.

Let us help you along your Business Process Management journey; we'll save you time and add value based on our years of experience helping companies around the globe. 

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Forbes-Technology-Council.pngWhat Can You Expect From Working with FlowWright?

We work harder than anyone else to make sure you receive value from our solutions.  Our team will:

  • Listen to your goals and challenges, then make recommendations on process based on proven results
  • Work with you and your team to understand how FlowWright will fit into your existing systems environment
  • Consult and Architect your solution as needed
  • Continuously update and provide cutting edge functionality so you can accomplish your business needs  today and 25 years from now
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