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Processing EDI files using FlowWright automation

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Apr 9, 2019 9:10:28 AM

Even though EDI is a very old file format, specially in the medical payment transaction processing industry, it's a very commonly used format.  The healthcare industry has yet to move to newer technology as XML or JSON, therefore still uses EDI files.

Innovista Health Solutions

We had the pleasure of visiting one of our health care customers Innovista Health Solutions out of Chicago recently.  Before FlowWright process automation, they used to process these EDI files manually, with the help of SQL stored procedures, the 6 hour task was performed completely manually.  When there are errors in processing, more manual intervention was required to fix the issues.

After implementing FlowWright process automation, FlowWright's robotic workers  were able to have all the files processed by the time people arrive at work.  This is true RPA, where robotic process automation is in action.

Robotic workers not only process EDI files, but they also notify users when exceptions or errors occur in processing.  Each day they are processing > 50k workflow instances, depending on the day of the month, especially at the month end, the number of instances processed could spike to > 100k.   Their processes perform over > 2000 file movement operations each day, driven dynamically via workflow automation.

In addition to processing EDI files, they also generate 1000s of letters in PDF format using FlowWright integration with Crystal report generation.   So, how did they do all this using FlowWright? Below are some highlights:

  • Started small, built simple processes and expanded on them over the years
  • Built custom steps to perform FTP operations, file movement and processing
  • As the organization scaled up, FlowWright processes scaled up
  • Upgraded infrastructure to handle increased levels of processing

Innovista Health Solutions continues to automate internal processes using FlowWright.  We look forward to see some amazing process automated performed by their team. Want to know more about how you can use RPA in your business? Let's Talk! 

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Topics: workflow processes, RPA