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How Process Automation Transforms Your Business to the Digital Era

Posted by FlowWright on May 16, 2019 2:42:00 PM

As organizations start small and grow, they need systems to manage operations, sales, marketing, and product efforts.  Even the simplest shop today has systems and processes to manage, all in an effort to become efficient.  We have seen vendors transition from taking cash transactions to processing credit cards on their smartphones.  In today's world where most people pay digitally for everything (Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc) imagine the amount of business you would lose if you weren't able to process payment electronically?! 

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In the digital world and living in a digital age, not being able to depend on electronics could ruin a business.  Starting to automate your manual processes to digital processes will transform your business to the digital age in couple of different ways. We outline the main benefits here:

  • Information is captured and easily retrieved anytime
  • Processes make you consistent
  • Reduce errors
  • Systems talk to each other-easy integration
  • Processes can span across systems
  • Remove complexity

Above are just some of the benefits that you will gain by transforming your business to the digital era by using process automation.  These short and long term benefits are far greater than loses, but you will also gain benefits based on domain, vertical and customer.

One of the simplest examples of this is when we remember a time before there were cell phones.  Fishermen used to go to the sea cash fish, bring them back and try to sell them throughout the day on a cart or via a fish market brick/mortar location.  As the fish gets older and day becomes later, the prices drop.  Enter the invention of cell phones; now fishermen are able to make deals right from the boat after a catch their fish once they arrive to shore, the customer is ready to pick up the catch and pay for it.  This simple example shows digital transformation using process automation; fishermen have automated their manual process using technology and process automation.

Wondering how process automation can help your company? Let's Talk! Transform your business to the digital platform using process automation today. 

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