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Workflow Management vs. Workflow Configuration

FlowWright has a logical separation between Workflow Management and Workflow Configuration.  Workflow management lets users deal with the key elements of workflow/business process management for designing and executing automated workflow processes.  Workflow management consists of:

All the above features are supported by a full configuration management section of the application, where we call it Workflow Configuration.  This natural separation of workflow functionality easily guides our users/customer to easily understand the product.

Workflow configuration consists of many configuration features of items that are required for automating processes, we like to call them building blocks of automation.   They consists of:


Most users accessing FlowWright user interface come to interact with the application and its processes, these users will only see the menu options for Workflow Configuration.  But Administrative users within FlowWright are able to view Workflow Management and Workflow Configuration.

Learn more about what's included within the product by visiting the features page.


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