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Integrators: Why Partner With FlowWright?

How do Integrators work with FlowWright?

BPM Integration Partnership

Integrators work with FlowWright because they can deliver better solutions faster - solutions that actually work - than with any other solution.  FlowWright helps Integrators with:

  • Faster Proofs-of-concept to enable winning business
  • Faster Prototyping to meet Phase 1 project goals
  • Repeatable and re-useable solutions to complement subject matter expertise

FlowWright has two type of integrator relationships:

  1. Integrators that specialize in applying FlowWright to a specific solution area or with a specfiic software application (such as a specialized document management system,) and

  2. Integrators who offer superior business analysis and development expertise to solve business problems generally for their customers.

For example: Trinogy Systems regularly integrates FlowWright with its own WorkSpace portal software and iManage document management.  Trinogy is able to bring is deep subject matter and technical expertise to accomplish rapid and effective automation of their customers' complex legal processes.  And Troy Web Consulting, a US-based analysis and development company, uses FlowWright to win and rapidly deliver working solutions to its broad base of mid-to-large sized customers.  

What would a partnership look like for your company? Fill out the form to request more information. 

What Can You Expect From A FlowWright Partnership?

 FlowWright supports integrators by:

  • Helping partners to understand how best to put FlowWright to work
  • Supplying software that accelerates Proof-of-Concept efforts
  • Allowing demonstration of excellence that leads to customer wins
  • Supplying technical support as needed to ensure project success
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