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.Net Workflow Engine - Web Based Workflow Management, Processing & Workflow Engine Software

FlowWright is built from the ground up using the latest Microsoft .net workflow engine software technology.  FlowWright pushes the .net workflow process technology to its limits ensuring our clients can accomplish their processing & automation needs.

What is .net workflow software (designer)?

FlowWright provides a modern user interface that is web based (easily accessed through a web browser) that designs simple to complex workflow processes.  FlowWright application is separated into 2 sections "Workflow Process & Management" and "Workflow Configuration".

Simply drag and drop in our web based workflow management tool to automate your manual process needs into a digital .net workflow designer processes.  Design your processes using the HTML5 based graphical workflow designer; you'll find it intuitive to use.  Over 150+ steps are provided out of the box within the product to help your team quickly build out your workflow process.  If the product doesn't have the step you are looking for, you can build your own custom step and use that step in any process.

FlowWright has 5 different .net digital workflow automations that perform various tasks including: processing workflows, collecting statistics, triggers workflows based on emails and files, and more.  These engines are built for processing very large loads of work and can be configured for distributed processing; this is where multiple servers distribute the load the process.

Forms are another key part included in most .net workflow engine software. Forms are routed to collect information from users.; FlowWright support HTML5 based forms that are responsive and mobile optimized.  Begin with a form, kick off a workflow engine software process, or have the workflow process instantiate and route multiple forms to users.  FlowWright is inclusive, meaning it has many UI form controls. If the product doesn't have the UI control that you are looking for, users easily build their own custom UI control and use it on forms.

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ESB - Enterprise service bus is used for processing message based requests, event based requests and integration between systems.  ESB is a "must have" today with any workflow/bpm product. ESB let's you define events, including any event handlers to perform the work when those events are published to the event service bus.  Events can be also configured with web-hooks; this is a modern way to notify other systems of changes when events are published to the FlowWright's ESB.

Integration with existing systems and applications is a very common need businesses have. FlowWright provides a complete high performance .Net API and also a REST API to access the dashboard from other platforms such as NodeJS, PHP, Ajax, etc.   FlowWright also comes with a modeling API, where you can build workflow engine software processes programmatically as needed. 

Lastly, Business Intelligence and analytics provides out of the box BI and analytics for any process that you build.  FlowWright collects run time data for every process; at the smallest level all data can be accessed using the Business intelligence UIs or the APIs.

.Net workflow using FlowWright provides companies endless opportunities to automate. Please visit the feature page to view all included features.   You can also view the products continued evolution on the version history page.

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