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Low Code Business Process Automation & Low Code Workflow BPM Platform

Low Code Business Process Automation:

Have you heard about "No code - Low Code Automation Platform" solutions that are seemingly magical?  Well, that's because 100% No-Code is a myth; what IS available is .Net Low Code Workflow.  As many organizations around the Globe implement business process automation to become more efficient, no-code and low-code platforms are popping up by the dozen these days, as a word of caution, things always involve some kind of coding.

An example, if you are in SQL Server, SQL Enterprise Manager is capable of designing all elements such as tables, indexes, triggers within SQL Server graphically.  Including a graphical query designer for building SQL Query statements, but still there's the need for writing stored procedures or SQL statements manually. Use cases like that are the reason why no code isn't possible. 

With FlowWright, it is used for business process management or workflow process automation.  Customers can automate their whole process using just the product and writing a single line of low code workflow.  In the case(s) of more complex processes, you will need to extend FlowWright Low Code BPM Platform by building the following:

  • Custom workflow steps
  • Form UI controls
  • Event handlers
  • Business objects
  • More....

FlowWright is a low code workflow process automation platform that turns paper manual processes into digital processes.  It provides the following for graphical designers, and tools for building without any code:

  • Web based graphical workflow designer
  • Web based graphical forms designer
  • Task list and task rendering user interface
  • Reporting user interface
  • Web based dashboard designer
  • Business intelligence

low code business process automation

What differentiates FlowWright from other platforms on the market is that we separate functionality by Workflow Management vs. Workflow Configuration.  In most cases users only need access to running processes, we call that Low Code Workflow Management.  In order for Workflow Management to function, its supported by many objects such as workflow steps, forms, events, event handlers, business objects, configuration data and much more.  Typically the configuration is only handled by developers and administrative users, so its called Low Code Workflow Configuration.  This clear separation of functionality simplifies the interface and the functionality within FlowWright for any user.

Our Platform is built for anyone and any organization.  When you look at the FlowWright customer base we are diverse in industry; here are some of the domains our customers are from:

  • Financial
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Supply chain
  • 3rd party logistics
  • Traffic management systems
  • Technology solutions
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical device

Most low code workflow platforms ONLY handle workflow.  We feel that since workflow is only a part of the business process management life cycle, FlowWright offers value in also being a low code BPM platform.   What does that mean and what are they? We explain capabilities below:

  • Micro services - turn any workflow into a simple to call REST API
  • Test rules outside of processes
  • Test decision tables outside of processes
  • Apply process changes to executing processes
  • Synchronize workflow between environments
  • Manage configuration information
  • Testing and generation of events with parameters
  • Archival of processes
  • Email and file based triggers
  • SQL query tool
  • Email test tool
  • File manager
  • Database manager
  • Database connection manager
  • oAuth connection manager
  • Queue manager
  • Globalization
  • Menu builder
  • Lookup data manager
  • Database and configuration upgrade manager

The above list is long but just scratches the surface of the tool can be used; we offer simple to use user interfaces that provide necessary functionality without writing a single line of code.

In regards to low code BPM platform, FlowWright provides many helpful resources to get you started.

  • Help guides within the product
  • Complete sample walk through with code
  • Developers guide
  • Fully documented .Net API
  • Fully documented REST API
  • Onsite hands on training
  • Process consulting
  • Development consulting

Our team is always listening to our customers needs and wants. Your success matters to us, if you are successful, then we are successful. 

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