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Integrating with existing user directories

By default FlowWright has its own forms based user authentication, where the login screen is displayed to the user, and user name and password are authenticated against the user table within the FlowWright database.  FlowWright also supports following authentication modes:

  • Windows authentication - Active Directory
  • Basic authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • OAuth authentication

The above authentication modes can be configured using MS Internet Information server (IIS) or by manually changing the configuration within the web.config file of FlowWright.  Using IIS, navigate to the "cDevWorkflow" virtual directory and goto authentication:




Using the above IIS settings, FlowWright can be also changed to use Basic authentication.  Single sign-on using ADFS can be also configured, this procedure is more complex and documentation can be found in our forum.

Once Windows authentication or basic authentication is turned on, users from Active directory can be synced with FlowWright using the "User Connectors" feature under the "Users" menu of FlowWright.

User connectors menu

OAuth authentication

Refer to the OAuth guide for more details.

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