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What is inside the FlowWright?

Every business has a different need.  Our software includes:

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How Can Your Company Use FlowWright?

BPM SOFTWARENational retailers use FlowWright to automate their supply chain.  For this they lean primarily on workflow and the enterprise service bus to integrate their supply chains across internal and external computerized systems.  And these customers make excellent use of FlowWright business intelligence data to identify opportunities for process improvement.  In these cases, forms are de-emphasized: nearly all automation is between systems. 

Third-party contract management firms use FlowWright to automate and manage large volumes of contracts and across many customers and many vendors and many states and countries.  Their customers are large national and international companies with many (sometimes hundreds) of sites.  Contract management firms need the ability to quickly adapt workflows to accomodate customer site needs that vary due to site requirements.  These companies lean heavily on workflow and forms to save 1,000s of man-hours annually - and to reliably and verifiably manage contracts per customer requirements.  

These FlowWright customers tell us that a huge benefit to them has been the ability to modify processes and apply modifications to in-process (running) instances.  In addition, one of these customers explained that using FlowWright enabled them to accelerate their initial automated solution to market in one (1) Month instead of the expected eight (8) Months.

Healthcare firms use FlowWright to manage complex insurance processes - applying workflow, the enterprise service bus, and forms to coordinate internal and external human and computerized resources to swiftly and verifiably optimize both payment requests and fulfillments, as well as to resolve issues into better outcomes.  

FlowWright customers tell us that our well-documented .NET and REST APIs are a huge benefit to their development teams.  They say ease-of-use, extremely rapid development, and "it's all in there" sets FlowWright apart from alternative solutions.

Let's talk about how FlowWright's BPM software can lead your business to long-term success.

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Why Work with FlowWright?

Automate and Integrate BPM

FlowWright automates and integrates your business the way you want it to work. Fill in the process gaps easily and efficiently with our software. 

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Save Time and Money

Our team works to retain your existing infrastructure investments and processes as desired. We also can implement your solutions faster than other solutions in the market. 

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BPM Success

We assign a team member to ensure you have a committed partner dedicated to your success from Day 1. Setting the process up like this will lead to success for your business. 

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