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Enterprise Service Bus - ESB

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a key component of any workflow/bpm platform.  FlowWright provides a high performance enterprise service bus for processing events and messages.  ESB also plays a key role integration of systems, handling messages sent between systems.

You have the power to define your own event definitions and event handlers.  A single event can have any # of event handlers.  Extend the power of the ESB by building your own custom event handlers and configuring them.


FlowWright itself can also trigger events into the ESB.  Just turn on the events that you want triggered, and FlowWright will perform the rest.  FlowWright events can be turned on using the "Status" menu within the FlowWright Configuration Manager:

FlowWright uses high performance .net ESB engine to process events published to the event service bus.  ESB engine is also fully distributed, so FlowWright can process very heavy loads by distributing the load to multiple machines.

ESB events are very power if used in the correct way.

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