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Sample Workflow Automation Process for an Engineering Change Notice

This sample workflow definition illustrates the BPM automation process for an Engineering Change Notice.  The sample workflow process design covers each workflow step within a regulated company’s as described by current standards and operating procedures (SOP).

This workflow manages that information flow from the initial review through to the and approval of changes to effected documents and drawings in a way that is compliant with a regulated company’s described SOPs:

Sample-Workflow engine step-300x266.png

Sample Workflow

The process defined above involves the following steps:

  • The Change Notice is created and submitted
  • Workflow figures out who created the Change Notice
  • Creator eSigns and submits the Change Notice
  • Change Notice is set to reserved status
  • Change Notice type is determined
  • Based on the type, user selection is made for routing
  • Tasks are routed to users
  • If all approvers approve the Change Notice, Change Notice status is set to approved
  • If an approver rejects, then the Change Notice goes back to the originator and goes back into the approval process
  • After approving Change Notice status is set to closed

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