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Cost savings in your cloud environment when using workflow automation

Workflow automation is being used by many IT organizations to perform back end IT operations and to automate the processes that these IT operations perform.  Most IT processes are procedural, for example, creating user account for a new employee and giving access to systems.  In an offboarding process, deactivating a user and removing access to systems. We discuss in detail how workflow automation will lead to cost savings. 

Implementing transparent processes

Workflow processes within certain workflow products on the market are very transparent, this is due the tool separating the design of the process from the actual execution of the process.  Next generation workflow platforms such as FlowWright gives you the both in one so you don't have to sacrifice functionality.

Automated processes don't take holidays

Most of us love to enjoy the holidays; in the hurried world of instant connectivity we live in-it is important to not burn out and take time off to regroup and perform better upon your return. But as many folks know, sometimes it's difficult to get everything  completed prior to leaving. There has to be a better way! We explain how workflow automation for certain processes can ensure you actually get to take that vacation time you earned. 

Inside the box vs. outside

Recently we acquired a customer in Europe against a very large BPM/Workflow provider, the reason our platform was a better value was impacted by the fact that we operate alongside your systems but can automate and orchestrate workflow across multiple ones you have in place already. Why does this matter? It's less impactful on your overall architecture. 

How FlowWright differentiates from other workflow products.....

After years of automating many processes for Fortune 100 customers within the big pharma and biotechnology sectors; it was time to put all those experiences together and build a next generation bpm workflow product.  So, that's how FlowWright was born. 

Sending SMS messages using FlowWright + Twilio

Twilio is a widely used SMS/text service for sending messages to cell/mobile phones around the world.  For several versions now, FlowWright has supported a step that's able to send SMS to mobile phones.  It's very easy to setup and use and we show you how to get started below!

How dynamic sub-workflow can help you with dynamic processes

Most processes today are static, no matter how many workflow instances that you kick off, they all have a similar structure. We also know the data fed into these workflows might be different, and therefore decisions made within the workflow instances might be different.

Why data should be in your systems not in workflow processes

Process automation does not exist without integration and use of data.  Any process whether it is manual or automated involves 2 paths. We discuss these 2 path options below:

Digital process automation can secure your data

Access to data within systems in any organization is extremely important to internal users, but at the same time security of that data is also important. We always hear about big data breaches, so how can you keep your data safe?  We have see trend in customers using FlowWright  workflow automation to automate access to their data. We explain how this can be valuable below. 

Why FlowWright workflow is not open source workflow?

Our customers are all over the globe ranging in size from mid-market to Enterprise. Majority of our customers prefer to run FlowWright within their environments, so we took a look at why that might be and explain below.