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Why BPA/BPM Represents the Future of Business Innovation

There is real fear that as technology advances, workers won't be as important. Automation continues to improve safety and productivity in industries such as manufacturing, which has led to a profound shift in the American economy. However, because machines and software are capable of doing a lot of the heavy lifting, workers have actually become a more valuable commodity because they offer something that machines simply can't: creativity and the ability to innovate. Business process automation (BPA/BPM) is the future of innovation because it  provides the structure for applying innovation and continuous improvement ideas and moves them into practice. 

How BPM Opens Doors for Remote Employees

The American workforce has been undergoing a major shift in recent years. Technology has made it possible for workers to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, which has given rise to the remote worker. Companies who are able to offer a more flexible schedule also have a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent. However, managing a far-flung team of employees can present a whole new set of challenges that businesses must address. Fortunately, business process management tools are poised to play a vital role in successfully managing and optimizing remote employees.

Eliminate Manual Updating in a BPM workflow environment

Today most customers have multiple FlowWright environments, development, QA and production.  Developers may develop steps, business objects, forms , workflow definitions, etc now these need to be ported over to the QA environment for the QA people to test the built functionality.  In most products this must be done manually, even on some of the enterprise applications avaiable to the market. 

FlowWright – powered by cDevWorkflow v9.3

v9.3 had many upgrades/enhancements critical to the product.  All are documented within this read me file.  This blog will discuss in depth some of the new enhancements made to the product.

How to Begin Automating Your Company's Business Processes

Often, leadership wants to automate a business process to increase efficiencies, make processes consistent and repeatable, ensure quality, and gain real time insight into business progress and status.  But, despite the identified business need and solid justification, these proposed initiatives stall because it is very difficult to get off to a good start. It's important to organize the effort and define exactly what and how to automate the areas that need it. Below outlines the top 5 ways to organize your efforts.

FlowWright – powered by cDevWorkflow v9.2

v9.2 had many upgrades/enhancements to the product.  All are documented within the read me file.  This blog will discuss in depth some of the new enhancements made to the product.

Challenges With BPM Workflow Projects



Challenges Implementing BPM Workflow Projects