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How Workflow Automation Is Used By FlowWright Users and Teams

Posted by FlowWright on Jul 29, 2019 7:57:00 AM

We built our product so that our customers can automate their processes to become more efficient. We use the same approach to our own internal processes.  Here are some of the examples of ways we use FlowWright to keep things moving for the business:

request flowwright demo

Requesting a demo or a trial from our website is easy to do. Once a user puts in a request on our www.FlowWright.com website using one of the forms, the form is submitted to a workflow process where the workflow makes a decision like is this a- demo request, full download trial request, or a online trial request.

If it is a demo request, it emails internal sales to setup a demo for the new prospect.  If this is a trial request, then it determines the type of trial, download or online.  If its an download trial, it generates a temporary links and emails the download instructions to the prospect.  Otherwise, if its an online trial request, the automated workflow process creates a new user account and emails the trial information to the prospect.  After 30 days, once the trial is over, the same automated process also disables that user.  Here's what the process looks like:

flowwright website lead processing workflow

Automated process within FlowWright have the ability to route tasks to different users, such as Product Manager, Business Analysts, Developers, QA, Packaging, Product Delivery, Sales, Marketing & Support. At different points of the process notifications are sent to different users/groups to notify about tasks and updates.

FlowWright also performs all our automated UI testing for the product.  This used to be manual task performed by QA people, which used to take minimum 1 month to test the whole product, but today we can test the whole product 1.5 hours using automated processes.  Many of our customers have shown interest in this feature, so we added it to our development roadmap.  Users can easily built automated testing on top of the FlowWright framework if they so desire using FlowWright and Jenkins.

These are just some of the examples how our teams use workflow automation to become more efficient every day.  Looking to implement better tools to get the job done? Talk to us today.

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