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Expense Management Workflow

Sample workflow diagram for Expense Management process workflow:

Debt Collection Workflow

This workflow example describes how a typical debt collection process is automated using FlowWright's Next Generation BPM Solution:

Data Conversion Workflow

Following along this workflow process, we see how information is converted from a manual data entry onto paper into electronic record data for analysis.

Engineering Change Notice Workflow

This sample workflow definition illustrates the BPM automation process for an Engineering Change Notice.  The sample workflow process design covers each workflow step within a regulated company’s as described by current standards and operating procedures (SOP).

Complaint Handling Workflow

The Complaint handling system is able to perform the following actions:

HR Employee On-boarding Workflow

New employees get hired in every organization, human resources handles this process.  Most organizations use some sort of HR system to manage this process.  But some organizations use workflow products to automate their more complex HR employee on-boarding process.  Here's an organization that employees many full-time and part-time employees every month, here's what their HR employee on-boarding process looks like:

Document Generator Workflow

Documents get generated by systems every day or hour, but imaging document generation powered using workflow. 

Change Notice Workflow

Change Notices are very common in any organization today.  Change notices or Change request can be routed for many approvals within an organization.  Change notice could be routed for: