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Capture Information with FlowWright Forms

BPM Mobile Forms

Why are Forms Important?

Electronic forms are accessible through computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Forms are one way people efficiently and repeatably use and create valuable information - the basis for decisions and actions and analysis - for their organizations.  FlowWright helps companies use their own existing investments in forms better - and provides its own powerful forms capabilities if customers prefer.

You can create new forms processes, in combination with workflow, to automate all or part of what are currently manual procedures or ad hoc tasks.  And forms can be used as another way to integrate systems, by pointing form fields to specific data sources! 

See how FlowWright

workflow automation works!

How Do FlowWright Forms Work for You?

FlowWright's best-in-class  forms capabilities, make it possible to rapidly build forms, forms logic, and workflows for forms-driven processes.  

BPS customizable formsLaw firms, HR applications, and many manufacturing and distribution applications require robust but intuitive forms functionality, and FlowWright provides it, including:

  • Fully graphical web-based forms designer
  • Drag and drop forms builder
  • Supports data lookups 
  • File attachments within forms
  • Digital signatures support
  • Sub-forms and grid views
  • Data table auto-population from form data for querying and reporting
  • From Import/Export to html or xml
  • Graphical revision history 
  • Archiving of form instances
  • Form routing
  • Form widgets (build and configure your own!)
  • Ability to build your own custom UI controls
  • Standard and enhanced form widget controls
  • Paging between forms

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