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Our Workflow Service Level Agreement Covers All The Bases.

Explanation of Workflow Service Level Agreement – SLA

FlowWright Software Support and Maintenance Agreement


1.1. Service Level Agreement Support Services Offered

Innovative Process Solutions is pleased to offer our customers this renewable software support option designed to extend the life of their investment with our FlowWright (powered by cDevWorkflow) product. We believe that this offering augments the customers’ efforts to maintain current software versions and access to technical services when required


1.2. Service Level Agreement Response and Resolution Times

Response and resolution times are measured from when the incident is opened by the technical support staff and applies to times of day within 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST (GMT -5) time, Monday-Friday.

Initial Response: Technical Support staff will respond within these stated time frames to acknowledge an active service ticket. .

Problem Resolution Plan: Technical support staff will respond to the support client that logged the service ticket request with the service plan and an estimated problem resolution time.

Premium Technical Support: This premium service is offered for those customers who require immediate access to technical support. The client may pre-purchase this support coverage in blocks of twenty (20) hours. The use of these technical support hours are not time dependent any unused balance rolls to the next calendar year.

1.2.1. Service Level Agreement Technical Assistance Availability

Availability of services is defined as the support clients’ ability to access FlowWright’s Technical Support team for problem resolution assistance. Technical Support Business hours are available within 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST (GMT -5) time, Monday-Friday.

1.3. Service Level Agreement Upgrades and Patches

Annual subscription to Innovative Process Solutions’ FlowWright software support and maintenance agreement provides the customer access to all available upgrades and patches during the coverage term. The software support and maintenance agreement must be renewed by the end of the current effective year to remain eligible for these benefits.

1.3.1. Service Level Agreement Version Support Policy

FlowWright’s corporate standard for software development states that each software version shall be completely forward compatible with all previously released versions.

FlowWright will maintain a level of support for all released versions of software. The defined level of support changes based upon the actual version release date for that particular software product.

See our complete SLA document HERE. 

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