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Sales Process Automation + HubSpot Integration FAQ's

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How long does it take to automate my sales process with HubSpot?

It takes about 5 min to authorize the connection between FlowWright and HubSpot, and ~2 hours to build out a fairly complex sales process from scratch.

How is FlowWright Sales Process Automation different than Zapier Automation?

Zapier is a 3rd party service that offers stand-alone rules to connect one system to another. FlowWright is an end-to-end automation application for your sales process. “Zaps” are effective connections that can be used alongside FlowWright. The FlowWright graphical workflow design can be easily created and modified so your reps may begin to use the new process through your CRM without retraining.

Is there a minimum number of required users?

You will have to sign up a minimum of 5 reps or more to take advantage of FlowWright’s integration with Pipedrive.

How is billing managed?

Customers use PayPal to pay via PayPal or credit card. If you first subscribe in the middle of the month, your first payment is prorated to the end of the month, and each 1st of the month you will be billed for that month. No refunds should be expected.

What happens to my HubSpot CRM if I choose to stop using FlowWright Sales Process Automation in the future?

Your HubSpot instance will not be affected but what will change is efficiency: tasks, forms, documentation, emails, etc. that were previously automated now require manual execution (just as it was prior to adopting FlowWright.)

How do I learn more about how to configure my sales process automation workflow?

Please go to https://www.flowwright.com/crm-sales-process-automation to schedule a short demo

What support is available?

We have 2 forms of support: a community forum and direct support. We have a lot of smart customers, so please use our community forum (LINK) to get support as needed. And, during the first 10 business days of using our product we offer email and phone support to ensure you are set up for success

How much does sales process automation with FlowWright cost?

$50 per user per month (minimum of 5 users.)

If we don't have a defined sales process… what do we do?

To rapidly automate your sales process, you first need to have one defined. We can point you in the right direction to define one via free resources, or we can introduce you to one or more sales process specialists (3rd parties) that you can interview and engage to assist you in defining your sales process.

What skills are required to build out our sales process in FlowWright?

How do we add or remove team members from FlowWright over time?

On the main dashboard go to Manager and then Configure Sales Users: select/deselect users you want using the application as needed. Team member names are sourced from Pipedrive.

May we call FlowWright directly for Sales Process Automation support?

During the first 10 business days of your subscription, please email us or set up 15 min meetings HERE 

May I use FlowWright with a trial of HubSpot?

We don't recommend this because OAuth connections are not solid during HubSpot trial sessions. Where you are a paying HubSpot customer then integration with FlowWright is robust.

What else should I know?

Have questions? Contact us at pipe.FlowWright.com or info@FlowWright.com

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