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FlowWright PM: Project Management that Works

FlowWright PM Keeps Your Team Connected During Planning & Execution

Many projects are complex and fast-paced and entail real risk to corporate success metrics.  FlowWright PM results in more efficient planning and then binds execution to your plan by assigning and monitoring tasks to result in real-time access to progress and status.   FlowWright PM not only makes project planning and execution transparent, but it allows managers to see threats to schedule and budget in real-time when steps can still be taken to mitigate business impacts.  By having the right strategies in place and by eliminating the gap between planning and execution, your critical IT, manufacturing, and compliance projects will run smoothly.  FlowWright PM is used by customers to manage projects like:

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Many projects are complex and the planning stage is much longer than the execution stage. FlowWright PM Application solution provides intuitive planning tools for team's at all stages. (sample ERP Cutover project plan shown below)

Workflow Designer-1

Binding execution to the plan so that all team members know what they need to do in real time: email and text notifications, ability to require acknowledgement of tasks, and escalation can be built into tasks.

Task ScShot

Users can see their own tasks and those that will be assigned in the future. Project Managers can re-assign tasks as needed.  

Plan Report (1)

Managers and project members can see executed and pending tasks (including those on the critical path) - instantly.

Plan Report (1)

Managers can see exactly where projects stand during execution by rendering a picture of current state. And they can see the critical path at any time.

Critical Path Render

At any time, the Project Plan can be rendered into MS Project, MS Excel, or into a Gantt chart.  View your ERP Upgrade/Cutover Strategy using standard tools.


See progress in terms of tasks per unit time (actual versus projected) or in terms of other measures that you may choose (man-hours versus earned value)  Get a real-time view of the Project Execution metrics

Task Progress Chart-1

Hear what experienced SAP Cutover Project Manager, Markus Kersten, has to say about incorporating FlowWright PM Application into project planning + execution.  

cutover video still shot play image march 2018

What Our Customers Say


FlowWright PM project planning gives the ability to see the whole plan graphically.  This allows everyone at every level to see the cutover strategy and understand it - plus it gives everyone the ability to identify ways to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Easily see ERP cutover plan critical path information during planning AND during execution.

Allow reuse of ERP upgrade plans, giving project managers a successful base to start from for future projects

Give managers and team members insight into in-progress system cutovers through rendering graphical in-progress workflows

Give team members the ability to see migration cutover tasks that are due, past due - as well as those that are upcoming!

Give cutover managers the ability to see whether projects in progress are likely to finish on time, ahead of time, or run over schedule

FlowWright customers say that the ability to tie cutover strategy and ERP cutover plans to actual execution - to bind tasks to people and get realtime feedback and status - makes all the difference in their ability to understand their projects’ progress and status, as well as their ability to report accurately to executive management.  And, just as importantly, they now have the confidence that if risks do manifest then mitigation plans can be implemented as soon as possible.

FlowWright Customers say that they primarily use task management features and in-progress workflow rendering to manage their projects.  But, the ability to instantly generate projects (plans or in-progress executions) into MS Project or into MS Excel - or to render their ERP project plans into a thin-client Gantt chart - is helpful in the event that executive management requires these formats as a part of hourly or daily reports.

FlowWright Customers appreciate the ability to take an ERP cutover plan that they built in MS Project or MS Excel and import that into FlowWright’s Project Management Application.  From that point forward, the cutover strategy is readily optimized and bound to the project participants and activities.  There is no longer a gap that time and tasks can fall through - and the likelihood of project success is optimized.  

Eliminating risk and ensuring success is the foundation of FlowWright PM.  It is the only responsible choice for managers and executives of projects where real ROI and enterprise revenue is at stake.