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FlowWright Onboarding Process

We love that you have decided to license FlowWright....

onboarding arrows process

Determine Licensing Level

FlowWright will work with you to determine what level of licensing you need.  The size of your business, operating requirements and constraints, integration requirements, and more, dictate the level of licensing you require.  


For FlowWright Starter licensing, purchasing a 4 day training class is required.  For all other license levels, training is included with licensing.  Training is required as a part of our on-boarding process to ensure success with the platform. 

Need Developer, QA, and High Availability Licensing? 

If you are a Pro or ProPlus customer 5 additional licenses are included for development or QA.  These licenses are performance-limited and are not suitable for production, but fully functioning and perfect for development and testing.  In addition, FlowWright allows you access to a second production license for high availability purposes or stress-testing only, so that if your architecture is set up to allow for failover to a second application server in the event of hardware failure, your business will have what it needs.

Enterprise level customers start with 3 unlimited production licenses, 3 high availability licenses, and up to 10 additional licenses for development or QA.  

If you are licensing at the Starter level, then 2 additional licenses are included for development and QA.  

Services & Support

Standard Support is done via email and FlowWright’s developer forum.  Standard Support is included with Starter licensing.  

Enhanced Support includes standard support and 10 hours of live, priority phone support per year.  Enhanced support is included with Pro licensing.

Plus Support includes standard support and 20 hours of live, priority phone support per year. 

Enterprise Support is available only to Enterprise customers. A technical account manager is assigned to your account and support is tailored to meet the needs of the licensee.

Solution Design and Delivery

Our company has spent decades delivering mission-critical systems for customers: finance, healthcare, logistics, food, energy, retail, professional services, life sciences, insurance, and more.  Project management and quality delivery are priorities for our company and for our global delivery partners around the world.  If your company requires solution design, implementation, testing, and deployment services, we are here to help.


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