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Workflow Triggers

Workflow triggers are an easy way to kick of digital processes based on trigger(s) such as 'when a new email is received' or 'when a new file is placed within a location'.

workflow triggersFlowWright uses a separate .net based trigger engine to fire off workflow processes when events happen.  Any # of triggers can be defined using multiple email boxes, also any # of file triggers can be defined with multiple file locations.

The Trigger engine is fully optimized to handle any # of real-time events generated by the operating system or through an email box.

In the Pharmacy industry prescriptions arrive as digital faxes  and get saved to the file system, for each arriving new fax a workflow process needs to be kicked off.  FlowWright trigger service detects new file drops and kicks of the workflow processes.  Today, FlowWright processes over 700k+ prescriptions daily using this exact method.

Email triggers are very common as well, many organizations use FlowWright for incoming email messages, and kicks of workflow processes to route these emails based on decision table logic.  Workflow triggers let you start workflow processes in an Asynchronous manner.

In FlowWright v9.6, we have expanded trigger functionality include triggers for RabbitMQ, FTP, SFTP, MSMQ.

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