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Workflow Tasks

Some workflow processes are user interactive and in most cases the process uses workflow task steps.  FlowWright provides several different task steps, and they are:

  • Task
  • Choice task
  • Route form

FlowWrights task steps also come with several configuration options, and they are:

  • route task to users
  • route task to roles
  • route task to multiple users
  • only 1 person from the routed group needs to approve
  • all routed users must act on the task
  • set a task timeout value
  • set a task priority
  • provide labels for the approve and reject buttons

Tasks can be routed based on decisions as shown below in the graphic:

Workflow tasks can be strung together serially, parallely or in a combination of serial + parallel.  The choice task will let the user define what the task choices should be for the routed user to pick from.  Workflow process logic can be configured so that based on the selections made on the choice task, next step execution path is determined.

Forms are also an import part of workflow processes, FlowWright provides a powerful form routing step to route forms to users.  Forms can either display information to the user or have the user fill the form with information.  This information can be used in decision making within the process flow.

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