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Reusable workflow design library full of workflow template examples

FlowWright’s .NET Workflow Template

This list of Workflow Templates will help you build your own library of reusable Workflow designs.  

When we started down the path to create that Next Generation BPM solution, the thought of sharing what we had to offer seemed practical. 

We soon learned that by sharing this type of documentation we were actually helping our business grow.  Customers shared with us, that during their selection process they found our approach to business to be closer to their own.   We were just as committed to our success as we were committed to helping their business process management project be successful.

We are joined then, our company and yours.  We built a powerful BPM Engine with FlowWright.  We need our customers to be successful otherwise there is no work for our c# workflow engine to do.

Workflow Template Examples

Update Variable Example

Decision Example

Synchronize Example

Evaluate Expression Example

Loop Example

Task Example

Email Example

And it does not stop here.  There are more workflow template or examples located within this menu items – sub menu.  So much information to share. 

 A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our FlowWright product offering can be found here: 

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