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Looking for a K2 alternative?

What Challenges Do You Face with Processes?  What Problems Can Workflow Solve? 

We discuss these questions +more. 

If you are considering a workflow automation-bpms platform., that’s great news! There are a lot of workflow management software platforms on the market, we are glad you stumbled upon our site.  FlowWright has already helped many customers just like you; those on a journey to find a workflow automation solution.  Depending on your workflow process automation needs, we can assess your current environment and help you with any questions around workflow you have.  As you may know, there are a lot of workflow products available, showing a wide range of capabilities, but it's best to do your research and fully understand what exactly they offer and determine long term fit in your environment. FlowWright comes with everything you need out of the box, here's the list of features.  Start building and automating processes in under 5 minutes.


FlowWright is workflow automation with simplicity. FlowWright stands out from other workflow platforms, like K2, by being easy enough that anyone can use it, while boasting capabilities powerful enough to build secure, complex, enterprise-grade automated workflow processes. Unlike most workflow platforms, it's workflow with simplicity. While it is not necessary to write any code to develop complex workflow processes, FlowWright also supports many custom items such as custom steps, data types, business objects, events, event handlers and integrations for added customization. How else does FlowWright stack up against the competition? Read on.

What Challenges Do You Face Day to Day?

The first step when choosing the right workflow automation solution is to evaluate the manual processes you want to convert into digital processes. You may be experiencing difficulty innovating because your fresh business ideas fall to the end of IT’s backlog, and it takes too long to see results. Maybe your business is suffering from a shortage of professional developers. Do you find yourself with ideas that are too big for your team's budget? 

Whether you’re focused on a single process or a complete digital transformation, it’s important to know which platform can provide you with the best features and service depending on your needs so that you can survive the new era of digital process automation. 

You might be looking to solve for:

  • A way to increase collaboration between business analysts and IT teams.
  • A tool to influence a culture of innovation throughout entire organizations, by starting small and scaling up step-by-step.
  • A platform that “just works:” Fully cloud-based or hosted internally with real-time deployments, supported by any and all web browsers. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Break free software upgrades to the platform that ensure you never have to worry about security, migrating of your environment to the newest version is just a click away.  We have thought of everything when it comes to workflow process automation.
  • Real-time deployment of business processes with no configuration, updates, or waiting.

If that’s the case, then you would be a good fit for FlowWright workflow automation.

What Problems Can Workflow Solve?

FlowWright is fast and flexible, yet secure, intuitive and scalable enough to use within any enterprise for automating processes. A collection of samples and documentation can easily facilitate a full digital transformation within your company. You can also easily (and rapidly) develop workflow processes to test on a small-scale, gather feedback, optimize, re-test, and repeat, thus bringing greater agility to your organization--meaning even large enterprise organizations can operate with agility with the right tool. 

Because FlowWright is designed with the user or business analyst in mind, you can close the gap left by a shortage of professional developers by making it possible for more of your workforce to contribute to process automation--on a workflow platform that can be fully monitored and governed by IT, and one that supports collaboration between teams of developers, business analysts and business users. How awesome does that sound?

So, what's the pricing?

FlowWright is committed to offering a range of flexible and competitive pricing to suit a variety of business needs, and to help you best leverage your company’s resources. We base our pricing on the # of users who will be interactive with workflow processes directly or indirectly, so you pay for only the number of users you need. BONUS: the price you pay includes all modules and functionality within FlowWright! No surprises! Easily view pricing plans for FlowWright and get a sense of what level your company needs. 

 "The Other Guys" tout a complex platform with many, many functionalities, but that is reflected in the cost--with FlowWright you get high value with great service. Pricing can also get complex based on the number # of workflow instances. The point of workflow automation is to build workflows, we don't limit that ability with any of our customer tiers.  Easily create and execute any number # of workflow instances without limitations.

Enterprise-grade Workflow Processes

Nay-Sayers claim that workflow automation platforms are not capable of building digital processes with real business value. Certainly, other workflow platforms such as K2 possess a range of capabilities in terms of the complexities of workflow they can support or be used to develop. However, FlowWright is a new breed of business process automation, representing the next step in the evolution of process automation. 

For starters, FlowWright is one of the only workflow automation platforms on the market that is certified, proving that we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to security (or anything else that matters to our users). With a sophisticated enterprise architecture built from many years of process automation, FlowWright is uniquely powerful and able to navigate the complexity that enterprise-grade workflow automation demands, both web-based and digital. Due to customizable components, experienced developers can build custom components such as steps, business objects, events, event handlers, widgets to customize many areas of the platform like the HTML5 based graphical workflow designer, for example. The possibilities are limitless.

Who is FlowWright?

Our FlowWright company culture is something we’re quite proud of. Our people are at the center of everything we do, and we believe that the future of innovation lies in the hands of humans, not systems. We want businesses to be able to optimize their human potential by giving more employees the tools to transform to the digital world. Our future goal? By 2023, anyone can transform a manual process into a digital process using FlowWright workflow process automation.

Why FlowWright Automation?

You’ve been doing your research so you’re probably overwhelmed with product specifications and feature comparisons. Here’s what you need to know about the FlowWright workflow automation platform features that differentiate us from other business process management platforms out there: 

Cloud-based or On Premise
Run it on the cloud without to maintain any hardware in house.  If you want a more secure platform with integrations to internal system, then run FlowWright on premise within your infrastructure. 

FlowWright was developed without walls or limitations, extend the product using many ways.  Build custom steps, business objects, data types, events, event handlers and many and push FlowWright to the outer limits of workflow automation. 

FlowWright is the first, and only, platform to be third party security certified. FlowWright is not open-source and don't use any open-source components.  FlowWright was built with security in mind, using latest Microsoft .Net technologies. 

Whether you are processing 1 workflow or 1 Million workflow processes, FlowWright easily scales to give the optimum performance.  FlowWright .Net engines are designed to be fully distributed for processing very large loads of workflows.  Load can be distributed among multiple servers and processed. 

Automate your manual processes into digital automated processes, and see returns as low in 1 month.  FlowWright provides many support resources such as documentation, support forums, email support, premium support to make sure you are successful.   If you are successful, then we are successful.

Leading the digital world
FlowWright is named a Leader in business process automation platforms for Business Developers.  The product is backed by an amazing team, who strive to produce the best workflow automation platform that can outperform any other workflow platform on the market.

Don’t Take Our Word For It... 

Talk to our customers, hear why they love working with us.  We serve businesses all over the globe and every one of our customers are referenceable.  We can't wait to have you as part of the FlowWright family! 

Learn more today and set-up a time to talk.

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