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What is a Business Object?

FlowWright business object (BO) is an object that gives design and real time access to business objects from other systems/application.  Think of it as a proxy for business objects.  Business objects are implemented using a simple interface “deIBusinessObject”.

 biz object.png

Business objects are configured with a class name, namespace and the DLL file they belong to.  Once configured, they become available within the workflow designer for defining objects that are business object type. 

After defining these business objects, these business objects can be used within processes to get and set their property values.  By using the step “getBusinessObject”, the business object can be retrieved at runtime and then its properties used within other computations.  Let’s say the “Person1” BO has a property called “age”.  This property can be referenced within other steps such as the “Decision” step to perform a comparison such as the following: int.Parse("cDevBO.Person1.age") == 15


Writing a custom Business Object

A custom BO can be implemented using a the interface “deIBusinessObject”.  Below is a complete walk through on how to build a business object.

Read the full step-by-step guide HERE  


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