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Forms Designer

Similar to the FlowWright workflow designer for designing processes, you can also design simple to complex forms using the provided graphical forms designer.  Forms designer also is separated into logical partitions, below is the layout of the graphical forms designer:

FlowWright graphical forms designer

FlowWright always focuses on ease of use and performance.  The forms designer toolbox offers stand-alone to more advanced user interface (UI) controls.  Simple to complex level forms can be built easily with just a drag and a drop of the controls to the design canvas.

The forms designer toolbar has many top level functions as shown below:

FlowWright offer great flexibility when it comes to designing forms.  For very advanced functions and customization of forms, the following can be utilized:

  • Page level CSS
  • Control level CSS
  • Page level JavaScript functions
  • Control event level JavaScript
  • Sub-forms

FlowWright forms designer comes standard with many out of the box UI controls, but if we don't provide one, simply build your own UI control, configure and use it within any form.  FlowWright also provides workflow steps that are specific to forms functionality.

We would love to see what you build using the FlowWright forms designer

  If you'd like to learn more about how forms can be created for your business-schedule a demo!

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