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How much load can FlowWright handle?

    1. Load depends on many things:
      • the number of instances to process
      • the number of steps in a process
      • complexity
      • user interactive steps
      • the hardware infrastructure its running on
      • # of FlowWright servers processing requests
    2. FlowWright was created with the future informational needs in mind.  The products can handle your workflow needs from a single request to millions.
    3. FlowWright can be configured to load balance and process the distributed load.

What programming language is the product written in?

    1. FlowWright is completely written in C# employing version 4.5+ of the .Net framework.
    2. The development environment used is Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
    3. Configuration Manager is written using Asp .net, jQuery, bootstrap and C# using .Net 4.5+ framework.

What are the plans for the products future?

    1. The future of FlowWright is being driven by the availability of technology and the needs of our customers.
    2. FlowWright was created out of our own need for a workflow solution.  Because we use this product we are continually enhancing its core competencies.  We enhance the product based on what we need and what you need it to do.
    3. We do not speculate on future enhancements nor build features in the hopes that our customers / marketplace will need them.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we provide on-site training, we customize the training based on your needs.  Usually, training takes 4 days. Please contact sales for pricing sales@FlowWright.com


Can you help us with our BPM requirements?

    1. Of course!  We are available to review your BPM workflow requirements.
    2. We are also available to provide consulting services.

Do you perform demos of the product?

    1. Yes.  Workflow demonstrations are scheduled using this Workflow Demo Request Form.
    2.  If for some reason you are unable to complete that form, please email us at support@FlowWright.comand a member of our customer service team will process your demo request information.

Do you provide any help with installation & configuration?

    1. Yes.  All customers receive unlimited email technical support with their Service and Support Agreements.  You can also posted questions on the Support Forum.

What APIs are available for integration?

    1. FlowWright has a .Net c# API and also a REST API.  Please visit the Code snippets forum for example code on how to use these APIs.  Developer documentation also has examples on how to use the APIs.

How do I extend the FlowWright tables?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on how to extend workflow tables with FlowWright.

How do I build a new FlowWright Step / Action?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on how to build a workflow step or action with FlowWright.

How do I build a new Data Type?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on developing a workflow data type with FlowWright.

How do I build a new Business Object?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on developing a business object with FlowWright.

How do I build a new Event handler?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on developing an Event handler with FlowWright.

How do I build a new Form Widget?

    1. Follow this link to obtain detailed information on developing a Form Widget with FlowWright.

How easy is it to integrate FlowWright into my application?

    1. You can integrate FlowWright in 3 steps.  With this simple – time proven method, following our 3-step process and your application will have it integrated in a matter of days.
    2. This solution is part of the documentation set you will receive with your FlowWright purchase.

What is required for writing code?

    1. MS Visual Studio 2013, 2015 or 2017
    2. Write code against the .Net FlowWright API
    3. Write code against the REST API
    4. Write code in C# or VB .Net
    5. Access FlowWright from any other platform, Javascript, PHP, Java using the REST API

Can I use the Configuration Manager to manage my workflow instead of building my own User Interface?

    1. Yes.  We created FlowWright with the idea that it would be self-contained.  Everything a person would need to design, implement and manage a workflow process is included.
    2. In time, you can always replace our user interface with something else.  Our goal was to make a BPM engine that worked flawlessly – we decided to leave the GUI frontend artwork to others.

What is the Configuration Manager?

    1. Configuration Manager is an out of the box, user interface that we provide for you to configure and manage the FlowWright product.  Configuration Manager is divided into 2 parts, Workflow management and configuration.

What are installation requirements for FlowWright?

    1. Ensure you have the following components and applications installed before installing FlowWright:
    2. You also need to create the FlowWright database using the correct script.  Click here to find out how.

After my free 30 day trial expires?

After the 30 day trial expires, you can purchase a developer license and continue what you have already built within FlowWright.  Contact sales for pricing at sales@FlowWright.com


Does FlowWright support multi-tenant Saas?

FlowWright fully supports multi-tenant Saas configuration.

Do you host FlowWright on the cloud?

Most customer's run FlowWright within their environment, some run on the cloud.  If you would like us to host FlowWright for you, we will host it on the Microsoft Azure cloud within your region, you will be charged for the Microsoft Azure cloud subscription charges.

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