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Extending Workflow Tables

Extending Workflow database tables is accomplished within FlowWright by adding any number of columns.  The workflow API is written such that it is able to retrieve update information from the custom data columns.  Simply by adding columns to the workflow tables the designer completes the extending workflow database activity.

For example, Extending Workflow let’s say that you want to track PortalID as an extra column for a given definition.  Workflow definition table has the following structure:

Workflow Definition Table 

adding extra columns to FlowWright tables

Using the MS SQL Server Management Studio, add an extra column to this table called “PortalID” with a data type of integer.  With this added feature the workflow definition API has the following two methods for managing data for this new property:

  • getProperties() – get properties will get all properties for a given definition and will return the columns and their values using a hashtable.
  • updateProperties(hashtable) – update properties takes a hashtable with columns and values as an input parameter.


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