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ERP Upgrade & Cutover Project Management Tool 

  ERP Upgrades & Cutovers (SAP,  etc.) have special planning requirements - and executions are short, complex, and success vital to corporations.  Managers need access to progress and status and the ability to mitigate issues in real time.




Upgrade & Cutover projects are complex and the planning stage is much longer than the execution stage. FlowWright’s project management solution provides intuitive planning tools for team's at all stages.

Binding execution to the plan so that all team members know what they need to do in real time: email and text notifications, ability to require acknowledgement of tasks, and escalation can be built into tasks.





Users can see their own tasks and those that will be assigned in the future. Managers can re-assign tasks as needed.  


Managers and project members can see plan and execution data - including deviation information - instantly.







Managers can see exactly where project workflows stand during execution by rendering a picture of current state. And they can see critical path at any time.




At any time, the plan can be rendered into MS Project, MS Excel, or into a thin-client gantt chart.






See progress in terms of tasks per unit time (actual versus projected) or in terms of other measures that you may choose (man-hours versus earned value.)


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