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DPA - Digital Process Automation

DPA is a new name for business process automation BPA or business process management BPM.  Most automated processes are digital processes that are high performance and efficient.

All automated processes are digital processes, where some digital process interact with users and some don't.  Some digital processes are hybrid processes where the processes starts as a full autonomous process, but an exception within the process might route a task to user to make a decision.

Even though DPA is all about workflow, there are many other parts of FlowWright that assist with digital processes, such as Forms, Enterprise Service Bus, Triggers, KPIs and many more.  Digital processes are good at making organizations streamlined so that errors are reduced and resources are utilized more efficiently.

In using digital processes, organizational users become digital entities that collaborate solve issues together.  The digital conversations with an organization can span throughout the world, where a normal manual process would have geographic boundaries.

DPA Digital Process Automation FlowWright

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