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Enterprise Software Cutover/Upgrade Management Tool 

Want a Cutover Project Tool that Puts You in Control? We can help! 

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REAL WORLD PROBLEM: Cutover SAP without disrupting operations for more than 48 hours. If ~100,000 tasks aren't completed during that window, each hour delay costs EUR 1,000,000+ and the world's automotive industry is at risk. 

THE SOLUTION: This company used FlowWright to plan, simulate, execute, and see real-time progress, status, and critical path information on the project. 

THE RESULT: A sucessful, on time execution with no suprises. 

Give your organization project management that
A) Captures + graphically represents dependencies
B) Gives real-time project feed-back
C) Re-calculates time-to-completion + critical path as you go
D) Offers simulation
E) Captures typical project task structures for best practice re-use later. 

 When you choose FlowWright, you find yourself in good company

Industry leading companies choose FlowWright to de-risk their implementations and cutovers to ensure success and eliminate the risk public and private companies alike face when making significant infrastructure changes.


   Demo FlowWright
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