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BPM - Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) or (BPM) is a cyclic process where an employee will take a manual process and turn it into a high performance, efficient digital process.  BPM process life cycle includes the following stages:

  • Design and test the digital process
  • Execute the digital process
  • Analyze the digital process
  • Optimize the digital process

The above high level phases of the BPM process can be broken down further into sub-phases as needed.  In summary, BPM is all about deploying the digital process, monitoring and making necessary optimizations to the process using business intelligence and analytics. 

Workflow is only one part of business process automation.  As shown above in the BPM lifecycle-the process to process improvement becomes more efficient.  Workflow processes can be either fully automated or autonomous, where as certain workflow processes can be very user interactive. The options are there for your business automation needs. 

Most organizational business processes are interactive when users are in the platform, containing many tasks to be completed by necessary parties.  Business Intelligence and analytics play a key role in making these processes efficient, so ensure to dissect the data and understand what is working, and what is not. 

Business process management will also improve an organizations scalability. If you are a startup going from 5 employees to 50, you can easily scale with an automated workflow process dedicated to employee on-boarding.  How helpful would that be? 

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