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 FlowWright Supports Your Business Objects

What Are Business Objects?

Business objects are entities that live within multi-tiered software applications like inventory and warehouse systems, training systems, and human resource systems.   For example, a warehouse management system many have "container" as a business object - it has a name (identifier), a type (box or barrel), a volume, etc.  

Company processes often revolve around business objects - and they want the integrity of those objects to be maintained. 

Ask us out FlowWright can help you with your Business Objects!

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Business Objects

How Does FlowWright's Treatment of Business Objects Help Me?

In the example above, everyone in your company - and your critical systems - needs for a container to have the attributes it has.  FlowWright allows you to define your business object just the way you want - and let's you use FlowWright's workflow to pass that object through a workflow.  FlowWright processes retrieve business objects and access their properties..  

If you have systems and processes that would benefit from using FlowWright's Business Objects capabilities, please contact us and we will show you how FlowWright does it!

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