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FlowWright uses these modular software components as a basis for its BPM architecture:

FlowWright delivers all this in one package!

FlowWright Components

FlowWright BPM Architecture

BPM Database Access Services: 

Provides BPM data access functions to databases.  Supports the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure

Workflow Configuration Manager:

Web based workflow configuration tool for configuring and managing the following:

  • Workflow Dashboards
  • Workflow Definitions
  • Workflow Instances
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Task reassignment
  • Task delegation
  • Task Queues
  • Dynamic Form Definitions
  • Dynamic Form Instances
  • Workflow Business Intelligence
  • Reports
  • Rules Engine
  • Workflow Users
  • Application and System roles
  • Workflow Steps
  • Workflow Data types
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Archival
  • Application Status
  • Application Tools
  • Synchronization
  • Database Connections
  • Web-service Connections
  • Sharepoint Connections
  • User Connectors
  • System wide error logging
  • Application and Configuration settings
  • Workflow Triggers
  • Microservices

BPM Workflow Engine:

High performance workflow engine that analyses and executes workflows using child worker processes.

Workflow Process Designer:

Web based .Net graphical workflow designer for designing complex workflows.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB):

Enterprise Service Bus for event based processing and third party application integration.

Application Programming Interface (API):

Microsoft .Net based application programming interface for your workflow API needs.  Full web-service based API for integration with other technologies.

Workflow Engine Steps:

Steps that are common to any bpm product.  Steps such as start, loop, decision, expression and custom workflow steps. Over 150+ workflow steps provided right out of the box.

Business Intelligence (BI):

Business Intelligence API for performing BI related reporting on Workflow Definitions, Instances, Forms, Engine statistics and many more.

Workflow Services:

Full Web-service API for accessing cDevWorkflow from other platforms.

Workflow Decision Support:

Decision support expression engine, high performance in-memory expression evaluation c# workflow framework.

Workflow User Services:

Provides connectivity to application users, but manages virtual users within the application.

Learn more about the BPM architecture of our FlowWright product and these BPM modules we invite you to sign up for a product demonstration. 

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