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Workflow you can understand in less than 60 seconds!

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jan 27, 2019 8:04:00 PM

Workflow can be complex, and with emerging technology-companies that historically have been paper based are currently in the Digital Transformation Era. Having a simple product folks can understand quickly is one of our favorite feedback comments we hear from clients. They say "we were able to understand workflow in less than 60 seconds, there's no other product on the market that can do that!". We explain how this is possible below...


After some research, we found that these are some of the key factors in keeping your product simple to understand:

  • In less than 60 seconds be able to view product features, and understand what the product can and cannot do for you
  • Complete a download request on the website and give prospects the instant ability to be up and running on a developer's machine instantaneously (seriously, within 10 minutes)
  • Build a "Proof of concept" process within the same day and demo that process to your team the next day.
  • Developer is able to built custom step and event handlers within the same week.

Here's the proof,  some of the larger workflow products on the market take a lot of training and time to implement.  When working with a niche, robust workflow automation tool, like FlowWright, your team is able to get up to speed in days, not months. 

We cannot guarantee that you will automate your process in less than "60 seconds" but FlowWright will definitely get you going in no time  with workflow automation.

Think we are bluffing? Download a trial account now.

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Topics: .net workflow, automation