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Workflow without limitations!

Posted by FlowWright on Oct 16, 2019 5:56:12 PM

FlowWright was built with two mandates: 1) "keep it intuitive" and 2) "do it your way".  Most BPM/Workflow products require users to implement everything within their platform ecosystem.  Users often learn the hard way that this restrictive approach makes it difficult to accomplish your goals successfully or efficiently.  This blog explains why workflow without limitations is the best approach. 

Other products make you do it their wayAll organizations operate  using many internal systems, and these systems need to communicate to each other for many reasons (efficiency, traceability, compliance, etc.).   FlowWright not only orchestrates processes across existing systems in place, but integrates these systems using the Enterprise Service Bus



When using FlowWright, we want users to do it "your way"automate your workflow process your way

Our platform makes it easy for companies to aggregate and integrate important business information and use  out-of-the-box steps to automate your processes.  Sound too good to be true?  Here are some quotes from current users:

  • "FlowWright was so easy, we deployed our process into production in 2 weeks"
  • "We started our automation project with a timeline of 8 months, we were done in 3 months using FlowWright"
  • "[This] Product is so easy to use, we automated 37 processes in just 4 months"

FlowWright can be extended in many different ways, and if we don't provide out-of-the-box items, users can simply build their own and configure it for use it within FlowWright.  Here are some of the main ways  to extend:

  • Steps
  • Data types
  • Business objects
  • Event handlers
  • Events
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Form UI controls
  • Decision tables
  • Triggers
  • Using your own publish/subscribe message bus

FlowWright's building blocks and out-of-the-box functionality can be easily extended or expanded by our customers.  Our goal is to make integration easy, and the provide you further support if you have questions about steps and extensions or anything else. Contact us to setup a demo to learn more. 

FlowWright is all about simplicity

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