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Workflow Synchronization

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Dec 14, 2018 7:08:00 AM

Our customers have multiple environments including: development, QA, and production for workflow.  Workflows and their related items such as forms and events are built by developers on development environments, and then must be configured on QA environments for QA testing. 

FlowWright already had a synchronization feature that was able to synchronize many types of items from one environment to another. Not excited yet? Read on...

The synchronization feature lets you push from source to target environment, or pull from target to source environment.  This is a major feature of workflow products and one in which separates the big players from the little ones. 

In the next version of FlowWright, v9.5 (set to release in q1 2019) we enhance this feature tremendously. First, to explain the business problem this solves for and why we implemented; As a BA - business analyst or as a developer, you develop a large employee onboarding workflow that contains many steps, data types, events, business objects.  After building the process for 2 months, you are now ready to send to QA to test everything.  Since the process has many related objects, and it's been some time since day 1, its difficult to remember all the related objects of the workflow process. This issue can lead to delays in testing. 

Now you don't have to worry about that scenario, we have taken synchronization to the next level and v9.5 implements "Package Synchronization". [HOORAY!]

Simply select a Workflow definition to synchronize, and it will display a list of all related objects for the selected workflow definition.  Click the synchronize button to synchronize the workflow process and its related objects with ONE single click. How easy is that?

This is a huge enhancement to the existing synchronization functionality, and this functionality will continue to be enhanced further more in future versions as business usage needs arise.  

Want to implement the ability to synchronize into your organization? Let's Talk! 

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