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Workflow Process Mapping Enhances User Interface

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jul 21, 2011 12:31:52 PM

Workflow Process Mapping Effective Workflow Process Mapping Delivers Actionable Information to the User

Implementing Workflow Process Mapping or Business Process Mapping To Improve User Interface Navigation

Imagine how efficient your design process would be if, when completed your process maps became the roadmap to implement and control User Interface navigation.

Ultimately the efficiencies realized will depend on the complexity of your application and the level of User Interface functionality.  Your actual application could have more User Interface functionality than what is being performed within the workflow engine or vice versa.  Most user interfaces today, Web or Windows client based are hardcoded.

A better way to implement User Interface is to drive the User Interface navigation using a process map or workflow definition.  Using this method, User Interface navigation can be changed very easily without any development code changes.  Simply changing the workflow definition.

Here’s an example of a Workflow definition that drives the User Interface navigation of an Employee self-service application.

workflow process mapping

cDevWorkflow is a real-time Business Process Management (BPM) workflow engine.  Based on the user selections and the workflow definitions, the user is directed to the correct screen and information is processed instantly.  In order to drive User Interface navigation based on process maps, the workflow engine must be actively engaged with the workflow and processing data in realtime.

This feature is how cDevWorkflow's engine functions.  It is not how other products on the market function. The reason for this is that most Business Process Management (BPM) workflow engines run in the background and process requests in the background.  These are asynchronous processes running in the background, processing when there is work to be done.

These products have workflow engines that use a process navigation library or a UI model library to parse and execute a process map.  By using the UI model library directly, UI flows can be achieved.  Most UI model library’s are implemented such way that you can specify a stepaction within the process map and ask where can I go next.  And in most cases, if you do not specify a starting point, then it assumes that you are starting at the Start step.

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