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Workflow Load Balancing Improves Business Processes

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Mar 23, 2012 6:19:29 AM

Workflow Load Balancing

Workflow load balancing improves your business process throughput by reducing the cumulative impact of network infrastructure performance.

The good news is that every process can be workflow load balanced! There are many ways to do this, this example is from a pretty complex Change Notice system we developed for one of our clients.

In this example, as the Change Notice is created and routed for approvals it passes through these processing steps or statuses:

  • Initiated
  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Closed

In order to increase the number of Change Notices that can be processed in a given day, we were able to evaluate some of the key data from the Change Notice and route the Change Notice to different groups and users based on this data.  So a linear process at first, just became a parallel process now and also with that the load being distributed.

Workflow Load Balancing Serial Change Notice System Workflow Load Balancing Serial Change Notice System

The diagram below details a serialized view of the Change Notice process, where it is been routed to multiple groups where the Change Notice goes through the approval process. Give the serial scenario, the approval load becomes dependent on several individuals and many hold ups due to being serial.  Here’s a more graphical example:

The diagram below details how the Change Notice is analyzed and based on the Change Notice type, it is routed to different groups for approval.  Process load is completely balanced by routing the Change Notice to multiple parties for approval.

Workflow Load Balancing Distributed Change Notice System Workflow Load Balancing Distributed Change Notice System


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