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Workflow Link Priority Improves Multi-Path Performance

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Jul 15, 2014 12:49:21 PM

Workflow Link Priority Workflow Link Priority Answers That "What path should I take first?"

Workflow Link Priority Answers That "What path should I take first?" Question.

Without Workflow Link Priority settings, many decision-based workflows will either waste processing time or fail to completely execute the workflow instance.   In decision management systems around the globe, companies require workflows with multiple path capabilities and control of which workflow path should be taken first.   Workflow Linking Priority answers that important decision management need in ways that traditional branching workflows or RuleSets cannot.

Should the workflow start processing down workflow path 1, 2 or 3?

cDevWorkflow Version 7.8 provided a new feature that we are calling Workflow Link Priority.  This addition to the workflow design tool provides the ability to set priority levels on the links themselves.  By prioritizing workflow links (the connecting line between two workflow steps), the workflow designer can establish the order in which the workflow logic paths will be evaluated by the workflow engine.

Workflow Link Priority is not based on the branching workflow or RuleSets.

Workflow Linking Priority is not based on the branching workflow or RuleSets configuration that resides in the workflow steps themselves.  This new Workflow Linking functionality establishes a control layer in front of the workflow steps that dramatically improves your control and visibility options as well as workflow engine performance.

Once the workflow instance is created, the workflow software must decide what path should be taken first.  Should the workflow start processing down path 1, 2 or 3?  Before Link Priority settings, the software would have to reference a logic table for routing and priority information.    Here in this workflow example the Link Priority information is contained in the colored lines that link the workflow steps.

Workflow Link Priority What Path Workflow Link Priority What Path

Link priority plays a key role in a couple of different ways.

First, link priority can be used when optimizing a workflow.  By using business analytics, the most common path can be prioritized within the workflow.  Second, link priority can be used to prioritize which path should be evaluated first based on level of complexity.  In the decision tree above, we might evaluate the simplest case first, the medium case second, and the hardest case the last.  We gain designed process efficiency if execution of the simplest path is able to complete the workflow before the more complex paths are initiated.

Workflow Link Priority Configuration Workflow Link Priority Configuration

Prioritization brings many efficiencies to the performance of the workflow engine.  Workflow engine efficiencies that improve when Workflow Link Priority functionality is applied.   We continue to develop and invest in the cDevWorkflow product, adding industry leading workflow features to this Embeddable Workflow Design and Execution Engine, making it a clear choice for Graphical HTML5, C# .Net developers.

Is your workflow process technology holding you back?

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