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Workflow Instance Reporting

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Jul 29, 2012 5:00:57 AM

Workflow Instance Reporting Improves Performance

Workflow Instance Reporting Workflow Instance Reporting

Workflow Instance Reporting Information That Requires No Additional Design Or Code Programming To Create.

Workflow Instance Reporting improves the manageability of your Business Process Management (BPM) workflows by inspecting and reporting the current status of every instance as a function of the BPM software code.  This is what the tool was designed to tool was it not.  To efficiently track, control and report the details associated with our organizations workflow processes.

The answer to the question - "Why Instance Manage?" then is, that, we use workflow instance reporting to collect data about our workflow processes.  It is these workflow processes that our business depends, they must be correct, up to date and move information efficiently through the designed workflow process at all times.

When we use workflow instance reporting then we collect this sum of workflow historical data as well as real-time data.  Workflow instance reporting data is a treasure of useful process information.  It is from this collection of workflow instance reporting data that we can use to manage workflow throughput constraints such as identifying process bottlenecks, broken network communication links, incorrect form data, or even excessive instance wait times.

Using this screen capture below as an example of how workflow instance reporting functions within cDevWorkflow.   This workflow instance reporting information is available and requires no additional design or code programming effort to create.  This cDevWorkflow screen capture is a fine example of how important workflow instance reporting is when generating "end of shift" reports, resolving process issues or troubleshooting error conditions with specific Workflow Instances.

Errors can be easily viewed now by selecting the Instance status "Error".

Workflow Instance Reporting Workflow Instance List Error

The following code fragment shows how to write errors from the step:

oEngineContext.executingIteration.addMessage( "error" , "Definition was not found: " + defID);

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