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Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Aug 7, 2012 8:45:58 AM


Workflow Expression Evaluation ToolAnother BPM tool to add to the collection.  This BPM workflow tool is the Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool. We just released cDevWorkflow Version 5.0 yesterday.  With this release we are introducing a new BPM tool page on the cDevWorkflow Configuration Manager.  We started off by adding the Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool.  This is the same expression evaluation engine that is part of the product only now it can be used as a BPM tool.

With this BPM tool, you no longer have to execute a Workflow Instance to test out an expression. Expressions are very important BPM tools.  Even the simplest of decision making or task routing workflows use in-process decisions to evaluate expressions, where based on the expression outcome the workflow selects the correct execution path.


Next Generation Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool Next Generation Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool


We understand executing and testing instances can be time consuming, so now it is available within the Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool tab. This BPM tool, the Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool will evaluate any expression from simple to complex.  And yes this includes those expressions with variables.  Any variable that you can define can be uses within the expression.

Routinely, during our cDevWorkflow product demonstrations, customers ask us so how is our product different from other BPM products in the market.  This BPM tool, the Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool is one fine example of a key differentiator.  With this BPM tool, you enter any expression from simple to complex, and the cDevWorkflow engine will evaluate it.

Any expression that you can type into a Visual Studio environment can be evaluated by our cDevWorkflow engine. Additionally, there are no limits as to where within a workflow instance that you can use an expression.  With this BPM tool a workflow design can have expressions between steps, or even within the links themselves.  Using expressions within the links increases efficiency and workflow throughput as it streamlines the number of steps required to perform a process related decision.

Here’s an example:

Old BPM products:


Workflow Expression Evaluation Tools The old way Workflow Expression Evaluation Tools


Our next generation BPM product: 


Workflow Expression Evaluation Tool The New Next Generation Way Workflow Expression Evaluation Tools


Here are some examples of Expressions: Variable.POAmount > 10000 Variable.ClaimAmount  > 50000 && Variable.ClaimAmount < 100000 (Variable.DOB – DateTime.Now()).Days

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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