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Workflow Designer HTML5 for FlowWright BPM

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Mar 20, 2013 12:11:36 PM



Workflow Designer HTML5 FlowWright's Workflow Designer HTML5


We are all very excited about flowwright .NET, C# and Workflow Designer HTML5 tool set and what the user community has accomplished over the past few years.  And as your applications have grown in complexity and speed FlowWright has continued to invest in product develop to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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Over the last two version releases we have added many enhancements to the back end, performance improvements, new APIs, new steps, and much more.  One of the customer requested software development projects focused on the Workflow designer itself.  A very challenging endeavor, but we listened and crafted a solution set that is now the basis of the improvements we are releasing with Version 6.0.

Here are some of the major improvements to this improved Workflow Designer HTML5 :

  • Smaller code base for the designer control
  • Drop steps into existing connections
  • Select multiple steps
  • Undo / Redo
  • Zoom / Unzoom
  • Align steps
  • Single click connection return values

The new Workflow Designer HTML5 control is developed with performance in mind, the Designer control generates much smaller code base and boosts performance within the browser.  Here’s what the designer looks like:

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Workflow Designer HTML5 for cDevWorkflow Workflow Designer HTML5 for FlowWright


The new designer looks similar to the previous one, but has much more functionality.  The next couple of blog entries will discuss specific functionality in more detail.

The new Workflow Designer HTML5 perform many new features using some of the latest browsers.  In the even that FlowWright encounters an older browser, it will fall back to DHML / SVG based graphics within that browser.  This Workflow Designer HTML5 has many powerful features within the graphics objects alone, we have pushed the outer limits to build some great functionality.

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