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Workflow Designer Innovation

Posted by Kevin Sweeney on Feb 11, 2014 7:13:53 AM



Workflow Designer The next generation embeddable workflow designer, workflow engine for .Net developers


As with all great workflow design engines, you expect that the tool set if full of innovative and useful features and functions.  cDevWorkflow provides a full graphical workflow designer that is state of the art with many innovative capabilities.

The workflow designer is separated into the following areas:

Workflow Toolbox:

  • all configured workflow steps are rendered within the toolbox and ordered using categories
  • Toolbar - top toolbar providing workflow designer specific functions
  • Design canvas - main designer area for building the workflow process diagram
  • Properties window - area for configuring workflow properties of each steps on the designer


Workflow Designer Workflow Designer Design Surface


Powerful Workflow Design Tool provides many process specific functions:

      • view an index of steps used by the workflow process
      • define workflow variables
      • validate the workflow design
      • import workflow steps
      • export workflow design as PNG
      • save workflow definition
      • undo/redo workflow edits
      • delete steps from the workflow process
      • manage comments on workflow
      • search workflow for specific steps or functions
      • zoom in or out
      • align workflow steps

As impressive a list of workflow functions that this is, it is only a partial listing of the workflow designers functionality that is provided through the toolbar.   Additionally, there are options provided which open UIs through the properties window that provide much more functionality.  For example, when defining variables with the workflow designer you have the ability to define variable dependencies such as what process steps are using a selected variable.

Selecting a step from the workflow designer renders all properties for the process step within the property window.  Selecting a connection between two (2) objects also opens a workflow design window for configuration.  Here you have the ability to define the connection properties such as color, type of line and return value.

cDevWorkflow is proud of our innovative position in the BPM workflow marketplace.  In the process of creating this "Next Generation" BPM workflow software platform our design team coined an acronym for one of our objectives for this improved workflow designer.


Workflow Designer WYSIWYE WYSIWYE - Our Workflow Designer Makes It Easy


W.Y.S.I.W.Y.E     "What you see is what you execute".

There is no mystery between what you create with the workflow designer and how the workflow executes.  No compilers. No Tables for of attributes and values.  There is no difference between the process created with our workflow designer and the workflow process executed by the end user.

A small sampling of the Workflow Technology for BPM Solutions contained within our cDevWorkflow product offering can be found here: Workflow Technology That Works.

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