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v9.3.0.2 FlowWright Workflow Definition Security Permissions

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 7, 2017 3:53:00 PM

With older versions of FlowWright/cDevWorkflow, Administrative users had access to all Workflow Definitions created by all users. Regular users only had access to their Workflow Definitions only through the Configuration Manager user interface. 

Integration customers of ours who were using the .Net API or the REST API had more flexibility to access and display Workflow Definitions. API was able to bring back Workflow Definitions using the customer's application security or by using tenant ID in a Saas multi-tenant environment.

v9.3.0.2 maintenance release implements new functionality to allow regular users to give access to their Workflow Definitions to other regular users. Workflow Definition toolbar now has a new icon for security permissions:


Select a Workflow Definition and click the "Permissions" toolbar button to set or view permissions. You can view permissions for any Workflow Definition, UI will render as follows:


As you can see above, a regular user can be given "View", "Design" or "Remove" permissions. If "Design" or "Remove" permissions are selected, the "View" permission is automatically selected for that user.

When setting permissions for a Workflow Definition where the current user is the creator of the Workflow Definition or the current user is an Administrative user, the security permissions screen will look as follows:


Users can be looked up and added to the security screen. Permissions can be set for each user or removed; also users can be removed from the permission settings.

In the above graphic "Joe Dumont" is given "View" and "Design" permissions to the Workflow Definition "EvalVariables". So when "Joe Dumont" logs in, he's able to view and design the "EvalVariables" workflow definition.


As you can see in the above graphic, "Joe Dumont" is logged into FlowWright, he can view and edit the "EvalDecisions" workflow definition that was created and updated by "Admin User". As an added bonus, we have also added the column "Updated by" to the table. Now you will be able to see who updated the workflow definition last. 

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