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Workflow definition design validation in FlowWright BPM

Posted by Dileepa WIjayanayake on Nov 21, 2017 10:48:50 AM

FlowWright performs design validation at many levels within the workflow designer. First performed when a properties of a step is saved. At this point the step will validate the following:

  • checks if the required fields have values
  • calls the custom validation method on the step

Step validation looks as follows:



Next, when the definition is saved within the designer, following validation is performed:

  • validates all steps for required fields
  • executes the custom validation method for all steps
  • looks for undeclared variables
  • looks for undeclared business objects

Definition can be validated using the "Validate" toolbar button:


When the "Save Definition" button is clicked, validation is automatically performed.


As you can see from the above graphic, validation UI shows the following:

  • an undeclared variable
  • an undeclared business objects

Also gives you the option to declare the undefined variable right from the validation screen.

Any Workflow definition design can be also validated using the API, just call the method:


As you can see, the model validator object has 4 collections, that will provide:

  • undeclared variables
  • undeclared business objects
  • required step inputs
  • custom validation messages

FlowWright v9.3.0.2 provides powerful workflow definition design validation functionality that can be utilized through the API.

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Topics: .Net API, workflow design validation, validation